10 Best Basketball Apps For Players & Fans

Smartphone applications for basketball players and fans have been huge timesavers for a lot of people out there. It seems like they are getting better each and every year, and the improvements are making it easier to stay engaged in various ways.

What are the best basketball apps on the market right now? Looking at these ten will give all types of basketball enthusiasts an idea or two. From gaming to working on the game itself, there’s something for all types of people engaging in basketball.

1. NBA 2K Mobile

The most popular simulation basketball game in the world is NBA 2K. That means that for those on the go, NBA 2K Mobile is worth checking out. The game continues to improve on smartphones, and there are now many features to mess around with.

Anyone expecting a full version of this game like on the consoles will be a little disappointed. With that being said, there’s a lot of ways to play the game and really feel challenged all the time. It feels a lot like the same game, but the graphics are a little below average, and features are somewhat limited.

Still, it’s worth trying it on the go and enjoying NBA action at its finest. The newest release has updated rosters, and there’s even an opportunity to navigate an NBA career and play as a MyPlayer. For a game that costs less than $10, it’s one of the best in the sports genre for smartphones.

2. NBA Jam

For a more arcade-style basketball game, NBA JAM is a classic. With somewhat updated rosters to play around with, NBA Jam is a quick game to jump into and enjoy. Basketball players of all ages can really get behind the action that allows for a lot of dunks, three-pointers, and physical play.

There’s a ton of content to unlock the more a person plays NBA Jam. It’s a game with pretty good graphics considering it is on a smartphone, which only helps immerse people more. It feels a lot like the classic game that so many people are familiar with back in the day.

3. Official NBA

Official NBA app is a great way to gather information and stay plugged into the league. It has all the essentials a person can ask for, including updated scores, news, schedules, and more. Some writers work directly for the NBA, so the news is updated pretty regularly so that nothing is missed.

The user interface is pretty good overall, which is great news for anyone considering the use of video streaming or radio services. The add-ons do get a little expensive for some, but others feel like it’s well worth it so that they can jump into the action and watch virtually anywhere.

Even people who don’t pay for any extras will find the NBA app one that is frequently used. Don’t be afraid to download it and give it a try. Chances are, it will be placed for easy access on the phone throughout the season.

4. Official WNBA

Wanting to stay locked into the WNBA? This is the app that is perfect for that. It’s pretty much identical to the NBA app, so people will be pretty familiar with how to navigate.

It’s not going to have as much content overall, but that’s because the league is a bit smaller. It will cover the sport, and with fewer outlets doing it intensively, the official WNBA app is a must.

Like the NBA app, there are additional features to catch the action at any time. No WNBA fan can legitimately pay attention to the league without the app to count on.


ESPN is heavily invested in the NBA, as they’ve been partnering with the league for several years now. One of the ways that these keep fans engaged as much as possible is that they provide a quality app to check just about everything.

Some people love the aspect of having the ability to check scores and highlights from all the major sports in one app, but ESPN spends a considerable amount of effort in making sure that the NBA is particularly very well taken care of.

Some people recently have complained about the number of ads shown with videos on ESPN, but that’s starting to take over just about anywhere. There is a ton of content on there for a free app so that people don’t miss out on anything.

Those who have a cable subscription can also log in and watch any ESPN action directly through the app if they wish.

6. theScore

The digital media company based out of Toronto has done an excellent job of keeping fans on top of everything as much as possible. It’s a true alternative to ESPN, but some people will even use both of them daily to stay particularly plugged in.

They might not have the representation of ESPN or other media outlets out there for that matter, but they are always on top of the latest information. It has a user interface that’s a little bit easier to navigate than most, which is always a positive.

7. Reddit (NBA)

A lot of people use Reddit for a variety of reasons, but the NBA subreddit is particularly active with a mix of serious content, as well as a laugh or two. Each thread is graded by everyone else involved with Reddit, meaning that the most interesting topics for the day rise to the top.

Yes, occasionally, there will be some weird topics that get to the top and take up space. That’s especially true during the offseason. However, when actual gameplay is occurring, there are game threads and reactions to everything.

Keep in mind that just about everyone active on Reddit it’s not actually part of the press for the NBA. It’s a way for fans to react and discuss with each other. There is some misinformation floating around everyone once in a while, but it does a good job with moderating for a message board.

8. Twitter (NBA)

No place else on the Internet has the blend of writers, players, and fans quite like Twitter. Some people have really embraced the banter allowed on Twitter, as national writers will use it to release information much faster than they would by writing a traditional article. Players get involved in Twitter as well, and fans have the ability to comment as much as they wish.

Some view the Twitter atmosphere as a bit toxic, and there are some bad parts to it. However, it’s an app that a lot of basketball players will use, and fans have followed suit. It’s a very unique part of following basketball at all levels compared to just a few years ago. In the age of social media, staying plugged in with NBA Twitter helps out quite a bit.

9. HomeCourt

Using artificial intelligence to help with training, HomeCourt is part mini-game, part skill improvement. Players can track exactly what they are doing, and it all goes off of the camera used on a smartphone.

There are competitions that people can take part in if they want to play for bragging rights or even rewards. It’s a way to see improvement and really get a sense of how the play looks on camera. It’s always nice to break down and examine film no matter what age a person is.

10. Pure Sweat by Drew Hanlin

Currently, there might not be a hotter name in basketball training than Drew Hanlin. The skills trainer who has worked with countless NBA players has now done a great job with his app that creates basketball workouts for specific needs.

The app goes over many different teaching points that make it perfect for all levels of play. He covers all different parts of the game as well, which is perfect for creating all-around players. There’s a lot of information in this one app, and it can act much like a real trainer. Considering the small investment, it pays for itself in no time.

Why Do Basketball Apps Matter In Today’s World

Anyone who simply neglects the power of basketball apps in today’s world is missing out on a lot of huge opportunities. It’s easy to stay plugged into how professional leagues are going, and there’s plenty of other benefits as well.

Staying entertained with a game, or even training as a player can be extremely beneficial. Instead of jumping through a lot of hoops to get there, this provides the help needed.

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