4 Best Basketball Games On PS5

Video games on the PS5 have received outstanding reviews since their release. Sports games have stepped it up to another level with realism, but are there other options besides simulation out there for basketball fans in particular?

These four basketball games below all shine for different reasons. Games designed specifically for the PS5 might not make up the entire list just yet, but the console plays PS4 games as well.

All four games can be obtained without making a huge investment, so give them all a try and see which one plays best.

1. NBA 2K22

The latest release for basketball simulation fans happens to be NBA 2K22. Anyone familiar with the 2K series understands the numerous ways to play this game. It comes with stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and a wide variety of game modes to choose from.

All this makes the game worth checking out if you love true basketball. Whether you want to play in single-player mode or online multiplayer mode with your friends, plenty of options exist that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

In addition to all these amazing features, the controls in this game are very intuitive and easy to learn. There’s also an excellent tutorial system that will teach you everything you need to know about how to play the game effectively.

Overall, this is a fantastic entry in the NBA series and a must-play for all PS5 owners who love basketball. Having accurate rosters to play off of leads to a whole new level of immersion.


  • Up-to-date rosters
  • The closest game to real-life action
  • Numerous game modes


  • Expensive with a lot of microtransactions
  • Complicated controls

2. NBA2K21

There’s no reason why a casual follower of basketball has to have the latest and greatest as far as rosters are concerned. For those who want to save some money but still get simulation basketball, NBA 2K21 is the way to go.

This game is just one season behind the current version, yet it can be found for just a few dollars on used markets. Even brand new, a person should be spending no more than $20. That’s a huge amount of savings alone, and players can do a lot of the same things they can with this year’s version.

Offline players will benefit the most, as this game can be played for years without any disruptions. There weren’t too many changes in the graphics of the game between 2K21 and 2K22, which is another positive.

The game won’t last as long as NBA 2K 22 as they start to phase out online services, but it’s still a good value for a while.


  • Very inexpensive
  • True PS5 graphics
  • All game modes still work


  • Will age out more quickly than 2K22
  • Real rosters with player movement must be downloaded

3. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

The NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 game is one of the best basketball games out there for the casual player. With great graphics and gameplay, it offers the perfect blend of being both realistic and fun. The game has over 150 NBA players to choose from, giving you a lot of choices to keep it from becoming too repetitive.

Whether you are playing against other players or just want to play by yourself, this game delivers hours upon hours of fun while staying simple.

Casual fans love it because they don’t have to learn intricate controls. At the same time, there is still some strategy that goes into winning consistently like with any other game.

Graphically, this game was released for the PS4 originally. Players will not be shocked by the graphics by any means. It’s meant to be a fun, casual game instead of one that gets every detail just right. The gameplay is over-the-top, and having a chance to get games in with just a few spare minutes is great.


  • Controls are easy to learn
  • Games go fast
  • Plenty of players to pick from


  • Random results at times
  • Gets a little too repetitive for some

4. NBA Live 19

A lot of people these days have a love/hate relationship with NBA Live as a series. Fans of a certain age remember when they were direct competitors with NBA 2K.

EA Sports has struggled to keep up, and their last official release on PS4 came with NBA Live 19. That seems like a generation ago, and in the video game world, it was.

Even though this game is for an old system and the rosters are way out of date, some people still feel like this is a quality option to play around with. They implemented Real Player Motion that allowed gamers to feel fully in control instead of letting the video game take over more than it should.

It’s hard to say with a straight face that this is the best game for the PS5 right now. It’s not even designed for the PS5, but it at least gives people some variety if they don’t want to play NBA 2K or an arcade game like Playgrounds.

Fans remain optimistic that EA Sports will bring back NBA Live at some point to provide competition once again. The number of improvements they can pull off over several years would catch the interest of basketball fans.


  • Offers a cheap alternative to NBA 2K
  • Engine shows promise
  • Some legends only available in NBA Live


  • Very outdated with rosters
  • Designed for the PS4

Is a PS5 Worth It For Basketball Games?

2K Sports has made considerable improvements with their NBA 2K series to encourage people to make the upgrade. Even though there is a limit on the number of games currently available on the console, more should be coming on the way.

EA Sports is still talking about releasing a new version of NBA Live at some point, which would give simulation fans another chance to play a very popular game.

Most people aren’t going to upgrade only for one particular game, but there’s plenty of reason to upgrade overall. The basketball games do show quite a bit of difference, which is always encouraging.

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