4 Best Basketball Games on Wii

Playing basketball on the Wii is slightly different from any other type of gaming console in the history of video games. Using motion controls, players can shoot around and simulate how the game is actually played. Well, at least that is what Nintendo was hoping.

Fine, so maybe the controls are not perfect, but these four games are all solid options for Wii owners wanting to move around a bit while they play. The console has aged some over the years, but these games play well enough to continue using. Here are the 4 best basketball games on Wii.

1. NBA 2K11

The game might be over a decade old, but many agree that it was a revolutionary game in the NBA 2K series.

They came out with a huge splash when they announced that Michael Jordan would be making a return to video games for the first time in years, and it did not stop there. They built an entire game mode around his career and legacy, bringing in a lot of older players along the way.

On the Wii, the game performs pretty well overall. Players have the opportunity to use motion controls, or they can hook up a more traditional controller to play that way as well.

Yes, the rosters are pretty outdated these days, but there’s so much historical content that the average player won’t care too much. Graphics really didn’t get too much better for the Wii in basketball games, so that’s another plus of going with this game.


  • A lot of Michael Jordan historical content
  • Easy to play with or without motion controls
  • Feels very upgraded compared to previous releases


  • Rosters are very outdated
  • Some of the motion controls are rather clunky

2. NBA 2K13

For a slightly more upgraded version of 2K, NBA 2K13 is another way to go about playing on the Wii. This game was also very highly rated upon its release, and it made a lot of people happy to see a pretty distinct improvement over previous games.

For starters, the MyPlayer Career is a little bit better with NBA 2K13. Creating a player from scratch and seeing where a career can go is always fun, and it’s exploded into what makes the game popular in today’s world as well.

Another huge positive with NBA 2K13 was the return of better dribble moves and control with those moves. The control stick was used for the first time in this game, which means the right analog with additional controls could get the type of movement that a person wants.

The Wii control system never really got too crazy as far as control is concerned, and most people end up opting for a traditional controller instead. Whatever a person decides to go with, it’s worth giving this game a try as the newest NBA 2K game on the Wii that plays well.


  • Rosters are updated compared to NBA 2K11
  • Better overall graphics
  • Motion controls are a little more robust


  • Still feels very clunky to play competitively with motion controls
  • Missing features compared to similar games on other consoles

3. NBA Live 10

The NBA Live series has been struggling for quite a few years now. However, back when NBA Live 2010 released, it was considered very much an equal to the 2K series. People have their own preferences, but it’s really hard to go wrong with either option around this era.

For the Wii, this was a very competitive game for players looking for a real, full title on the console. Instead of having to play a dumbed-down version of a video game, sports fan enthusiasts were very eager to get their hands on NBA Live 10.

The motion controls worked decently well, but most people just decided to go with a traditional controller instead. It made a lot of sense for them, and might have showcased the best overall graphics for a basketball game on the Wii. It wasn’t without a few flaws here and there, but most walked away pretty satisfied.


  • Solid graphics
  • Gameplay is fluid with or without motion controls
  • Fully featured game


  • Paint play is a bit unrealistic
  • Motion controls limited competitive play

4. Wii Sports Resort Basketball

For a much more casual game of basketball, Wii Sports Resort offers a pretty simplified version of the game. It utilizes controllers pretty well, but it might not exactly capture the attention of people who are used to more hardcore basketball games out there.

The controls are pretty simple to learn, and the graphics are nothing to write home about. However, there are some ways to get a little bit of exercise while shooting around and even playing some defense against the opposition.

This is meant to be a party game more than anything for people who just want to have a little bit of fun along the way. It’s also great for kids who might not be able to master some of the more complicated basketball games out there, as it is pretty simple to learn.

Don’t expect to get too deep into playing this game, but it’s a nice alternative to some of the more sim-style options that are out there.


  • Easy to learn
  • Meant for party enjoyment
  • Shooting motion is accurate


  • Some parts of the game are unrealistic
  • Lacks depth

Our Top Pick

  • NBA 2K11

The game is pretty old these days, but this is still one that holds up extremely well. The graphics might not be amazing, but they offer motion controls as well as standard controls for players who really want to dive deep into playing the game.

It’s a simulation that might be a little challenging for younger players (or those unfamiliar with video games), but the difficulty can be adjusted so that everyone has fun.

The best thing is that it doesn’t rely entirely on current rosters to make everything work. People can have fun playing historical teams and diving into the content that is timeless. Even people who have new video game consoles still go back to this game as one of the best in the series.

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