5 Best Basketball Gloves

Gloves for basketball? While no one will see any gloves in an actual game, there are basketball training gloves out there that help to improve certain skills. Whether a person wants to focus on dribbling, passing, or other basics, these gloves come in handy and make sense for players trying to up their game.

If it seems like there could be a ton of gimmicks out there, that is certainly the case with basketball gloves. Fortunately, the ones listed below are all worth the money and can improve a players game if used correctly.

1. Powerhandz Weighted Basketball Gloves

This is the premier option as of right now in the basketball glove game from a brand perspective. They popularized wearing gloves as a training tool for basketball, prompting copycat companies since then. Not only does the added weight make it a great training option, but there is anti-grip material on the gloves that make it challenging to dribble, catch the ball, and do other basic skills.

The goal is to improve a player’s ability to control the ball and trust their hands more than ever before. The best way to do that is to build muscle memory on the proper way to pull off basic moves. Later on without gloves, it will be that much easier.

Added weight on the gloves is great for people who are developing as a player as well. It is an underrated ability to have strength in the hands when controlling the ball. Not only can the hands get tired, but defenders are constantly swiping at the ball and trying to knock it away from players as well. By having some added strength in the hands, it will come in handy in real-life situations.

The fitting can be a little bit challenging, as people want to have a tight fit overall. They come in a few different sizes, and they can stretch to conform to hands pretty well. They are a little more expensive than some of the other glove options out there, but they are one of the best for a reason.


  • Excellent weight for ultimate training
  • Anti-friction material works well
  • Very breathable


  • Glove sizing is a little difficult
  • On the expensive side

2. Ball Hog Ball Handling Gloves

Being called a ball hog is a negative, but training with Ball Hog ball handling gloves is a great way to improve dribbling overall. These gloves are not as well-rounded as the Powerhandz, but they focus specifically on dribbling drills that can help people take their games to the next level.

In today’s basketball world, all players need to handle the ball with relative ease. Failure to control the ball can take time away from a player who is otherwise performing at a high-level. No one wants to be on the sidelines because they can’t handle the ball, and this is a simple way to improve as much as possible.

The gloves are not weighted, but they do come with a thick type of padding that is on the palms. This means that the ball will be forced to be on the fingertips of the player, which helps with dribbling as well as shooting. Fingers need to work harder and become stronger in time, which is a good thing for players who are falling into bad habits.

The gloves are not as durable as the Powerhandz above, and they do not look as premium either. However, after going through quite a few tests, they do hold up well and will continually perform at a high-level as time goes on. They are worth giving a try, especially if a player must improve their dribbling first and foremost.


  • Padding works very well in putting the ball in the fingertips
  • Design specifically for dribbling skill improvement
  • Affordable price


  • Fit is challenging with limited sizing
  • Not the best for drills outside of dribbling

3. Ball Hog Gloves Weighted Training Gloves

If the gloves from Ball Hog above are for dribbling, this is for more well-rounded training. These weighted gloves more directly compare to PowerHandz, and players looking for a well-rounded option can get a lot of use out of these.

When looking at them directly, they compare very closely to Powerhandz overall. As far as differences are concerned, these gloves feel a little heavier and not as breathable. This means that if players are already having sweating issues with Powerhandz, they have it even worse in the situation. This can be frustrating for training in the summer, so keep that in mind.

The added weight is pretty much the same, and players can use these for just about any drill out there. It works as a training tool that works for all ages, and with multiple sizes, a person can find exactly what they need as they grow as a player.

It does seem like a person can get a slightly more comfortable fit overall with these gloves compared to PowerHandz. However, the extra sweat might balance things out in the opposite direction.


  • Excellent all-around training tool
  • Strengthens the hands and fingers
  • Low price for the quality


  • A little bulky and non-breathable
  • Growing players might need to buy multiple sizes

4. Hoop Handz Weighted Training Gloves

Another brand work checking out in the weighted anti-grip category comes from Hoop Handz. They have done a great job of competing against the other options out there, making it a solid alternative for those looking for something a little different. Each glove weighs one extra pound, which might not sound a lot, but it helps improve strength, flexibility, and overall confidence with dribbling.

The one thing that surprises people when they first try these on is that they are extremely flexible. With so much flexibility built into the gloves, a person’s hands and fingers can strengthen the more a player tries things out. It feels so much better and natural when dribbling with these gloves, and they might be the best in the category right now.

Breathability might not seem like it would be great, but they do a great job with that as well. The design cuts down on sweating by allowing plenty of breathable areas, so even though they are bulky, they do not feel like they are overwhelming people and their hands are slipping around.

It is worth giving them a try, especially since they are competitively priced against other weighted training gloves. They do not have the name recognition of the other two, but they are certainly challenging with the way they are coming up through the ranks. Do not be surprised at all to see them become one of the best out there.


  • Excellent feel
  • Evenly distributed weight
  • Breathability cuts down on sweating


  • Not as many reviews and users out there compared to other options
  • Tough to figure out sizing

5. Elite Handlz Ball Handling Gloves

Those skeptical about basketball gloves for training probably do not want to spend a lot of money in the beginning. It could be very frustrating to get a pair of gloves, only to feel like they collect dust. The good news is that a person does not have to necessarily buy a very expensive pair of gloves from the very beginning. Instead, they could go with a budget option like Elite Handlez ball handling gloves.

These are a simple, yet effective pair of gloves that provide anti-grip and plenty of flexibility to work on all types of basketball drills. They might not seem like much at first, but the company aims to make them last a long time and keep people improving as time goes on.

The main trick to these gloves is that it is going to put the ball on the fingertips because the grip in the palm is nonexistent. Once a player becomes more and more familiar with dribbling with their fingers instead of their palms, it can translate to actual basketball during games.

There is only one size available online, which is a bit of a negative for people trying to get these for younger players. There are a few adjustable options to sift through to make the fit more customized, but they might need to be returned at a later date if they do not leave expectations.


  • Very affordable
  • Anti-grip palm pushes the ball to the fingertips
  • Very lightweight and flexible


  • Only one size
  • Durability is a bit of an issue

Final Recommendation: What Is The Best Pair of Basketball Gloves?

All five made great options, but the best pair overall right now has to be the Hoop Handz weighted anti-grip training gloves. They provide a lot of the same qualities as Powerhandz, and they come at a cheaper price. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

What put them over the top is that they are just a little more flexible. They also feel comfortable during long training sessions. Wearing gloves while playing basketball is a bit uncomfortable in general, so normalizing how things feel is the best way to go.

For your convenience, here are all the basketball gloves I recommended above:

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