9 Best Basketball Shorts

The length of basketball shorts have changed over the years, but players have always looked for something they feel comfortable wearing. Length shorts matters to a certain degree, but being able to move around the court and even look good makes a difference as well.

Many different brands put out basketball shorts, but who does the best? These are 9 of the best basketball shorts out right now for people to try out.

1. Nike Dri-Fit Icon

Whether it is the vast array of colors, the affordable mid-tier price, or many other qualities, the Nike Dri-Fit Icon has turned into a bit of an icon, to say the least. They are pretty basic shorts offered by Nike, using the Dri-Fit moisture-wicking technology they are well known for. They are made of a very soft and breathable fabric to keep people as cool as possible on the court. There are also some ways to get the right fit no matter what.

Color choices are plentiful, and people love the fact that they can do exactly what they want with the shorts and match them accordingly. Getting a few of the same shorts might come in handy for those who do not want to worry about having bottoms ready to go for basketball any time soon.


  • Many different color choices
  • Stacks up well against more expensive options
  • Easy to adjust for A perfect fit


  • Nike has better shorts out there for slightly higher prices
  • Some sizes have limited availability

2. Nike Dri-Fit DNA

A lot of the designs available for the Dri-Fit DNA shorts are a little out there. It is undoubtedly for a player who likes to be a little loud with their designs and also expressive, but they perform well on the court as well. Ultimately, that is what a lot of people are looking for, but having a different look certainly helps grab attention.

The shorts might look a little heavier than the average options out there, but they are very lightweight and breathable when on. For people who want the feel to be on the baggier side, this is definitely a pair of shorts worth checking now. They fit true to size and come with outstanding performance material, so they are a wearable option for practice or games.


  • Crazy design options
  • Affordable when looking at the materials used
  • Comfortable fit


  • Not many truly basic color choices
  • Piping design might not be for everyone

3. Reebok Men’s Mesh Basketball Shorts

The Reebok brand is not as prominent as it once was in basketball, but they do have some stable shoe and clothing options to consider. They are also very affordable these days, and that is where these simple basketball shorts come in to play.

The design is pretty basic, with just a Reebok logo right below the left pocket. These are essential shorts that people stock up on in different colors. They make them in just about all the major colors one can ask for, and they are built to last a long time. They have a relaxed fit and hang right above the knee for most people, making it a versatile option for basketball or any workout.


  • Basic design
  • Modern fit
  • Color choices are plentiful


  • A bit too basic and dull for some
  • Materials are slightly heavier than competitors

4. Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Elite

As the name implies, the shorts are known as the best of the best offered by Nike to the general public. Yes, they have more expensive options out there, but that is usually because of a connection to a team or league, or some other unique scenario. The Nike Dri-Fit Elite basketball shorts are for the serious player who wants to feel very comfortable and dry on the court at all times.

It is always a hassle trying to stay comfortable in a hot gym or outside, But the shorts do the best job of keeping people cool. They can remove sweat from the body and make a player feel very comfortable overall. They also have a modern, updated fit that so many people are starting to fall in love with. Do they truly live up to the hype these days? Even though they do cost a bit of money, it is clear that Nike poured a lot of technology into them.


  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Modern cut and fit
  • Available in regular and team options


  • Expensive
  • Tough to find the most popular options in stock

5. Adidas Men’s Pro Madness

Adidas has a few different basketball options out there, and these come with a decent amount of branding on them. Some people are going to like that, while others want a more simplistic look. The good news is that they have a lot of great technology that makes them a comfortable pair of shorts.

The fit is modern, the drawstring provides a customized fit, and they could be used for casual wear because of the side pockets. A lot of people invest in these to use on the court just as much as using them on a lazy day.

It is a little hard to find too many different colors with the shorts, but they offer a lot of the basics. The two-toned look is not for everyone, as it makes it a little harder to match, but other than that, they are an excellent option for people to consider when playing basketball.


  • Great material
  • Very lightweight
  • Modern fit with a solid jaw string


  • Limited colors
  • Too much branding for some

6. Adidas Crazylight

Basketball players at all levels love the fit and performance of the Adidas Crazylight shorts. There is nothing too flashy about them, other than the oversized logo of the brand on the right side. They are a little longer than some of the more modern basketball shorts out there, but they still sit right at the knee for most people.

Adidas seems to be the one company that makes their shorts a little more streamlined than others. For those who do not want each leg to be particularly baggy, this can come in handy. Some basketball players feel like they can move around a lot easier when shorts are shaped this way. Affordably priced, they work well in just about any type of outfit.


  • Streamlined for a more tailored fit throughout the legs
  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable


  • Might not fit that well for taller players
  • Limited colors

7. Under Armour Perimeter Basketball 

The Under Armour Perimeter Basketball shorts are yet another solid core option for people who are not looking for anything too flashy or expensive. They are performance shorts first and foremost, and they get the job done for people who are looking for something very comfortable.

How do they stand out compared to what other companies offer? The net fabric is certainly unique, as it provides that extra bit of toughness that makes the shorts durable. In many cases, if a piece of clothing is tough, it is not necessarily lightweight or breathable. Under Armour has figured out a way to fight that off with this design.


  • Very strong material
  • Lightweight
  • Colors match well with plenty of shirts


  • Large logo is a bit too much for some
  • Length is a bit too long, especially for shorter players

8. Champion Men’s Long Mesh Short

It wasn’t too long ago that champion was not exactly the most popular brand in the world. They started to get a rather cheap reputation, and many people are looking for other companies out there that put together better clothes. That has changed in recent years, and the shorts are a great way to understand the changes they have gone through.

It is nothing too crazy, but they make some great basketball shorts that do the trick. Made of mesh on the outside and polyester inside, these breathe very well and stay lightweight during all types of playing conditions. They come with a pocket as well, so they can be used for casualwear just as much as playing on the court.

Priced very affordably, it is perfectly acceptable to load up on a few different colors with these shorts. Many people do this to have variety, and they stack up well against any brand out there. 


  • Very breathable build
  • Solid colors for easy matching with shirts
  • Expensive


  • Limited availability in stores
  • Cut might be a little long for some people

9. Amazon Essentials Loose-Fit Mesh

The final pair of shorts to make this list is the most affordable of them all. Amazon has started putting out some quality clothing options for those who want to stay on budget. These are extremely simple shorts that can work for basketball, or really any athletic activity for that matter.

Made up of 100% polyester and fitting true to size, the shorts ride a little higher than average basketball options. They are only available in five different colors, so people are limited a bit. They also tend to run a little bit heavy, but most basketball players are fine with that as long as they are comfortable.

These are so inexpensive that it is worth trying them out and seeing how comfortable they are. If they end up fitting well and being comfortable, a person can invest in a few different colors. Since there is no branding, they match up well with any top.


  • Inexpensive
  • Quality materials 
  • Hold up well over heavy usage


  • Slightly heavier than competitors
  • Not quite as soft

Here is the full list of the best basketball shorts

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