7 Best Basketball Socks

Basketball shoes get all the attention, but socks have that direct connection to a person’s foot. Getting a great pair of socks for basketball can make a big difference in how comfortable a shoe feels overall.

What are the best basketball socks out right now? Any of the names below are great starting points for people looking to upgrade their game. Some people like to keep their sock brand connected to their shoe brand, while others want the most comfortable feeling possible.

1. Nike Dry Elite 1.5 Basketball Socks

These are some of the highest end basketball socks a person can find in the game right now. Nike has done a great job of reinventing the sock game over the last decade or so, and this is one of their most popular versions. It comes at a price, but many people are surprised by just how great they feel and perform.

Made of a combination of polyester, nylon, cotton, and spandex, the Dri-Fit technology with a sock keeps a person’s feet as dry as possible. There is stitching that is specific for each foot, providing a snug fit with no slippage whatsoever. There is even arch compression for those who need it in the game.

Available in many different colors, the socks are considered an upgrade over the first version of Nike Elite socks. Some people might not notice too much of a difference, while others like this look more. They are less likely to go on sale, which could be a factor for people needing to buy in bulk. The good news is that they are built to last and allow people to get their money’s worth.


  • Excellent for all types of players
  • Customized fit for each foot
  • Keeps feet extremely dry, even during extended play


  • Expensive
  • Might be a little too bulky for people who like thin socks

2. Nike Elite Basketball Socks

There will always be loyal people to the Nike Elite basketball socks that have been around for quite a few years now. They took basketball socks to another level, and many people fell in love with the iconic look and feel right away. Maybe there are some upgrades out there that some people enjoy, but these can provide great support for many.

What makes the socks so great is that some people are still using ones they purchased years and years ago. That is how durable they are, as the cushioning holds up over time. They are built for the game of basketball, and all the rigors that go into playing the game at high levels.

It essentially made it possible for players to avoid having to wear two pairs of socks to mimic this type of feel. That used to be one of the moves that many basketball players made, but that is no longer the case.

They come in virtually any color a person can think of, which makes it easy to match shoes out there. As long as a person feels comfortable wearing them, they are easy enough to use for other types of sports as well. Some love the comfort so much that they even wear them casually.

They come down in price a bit, but they are still a little more expensive than what most people are used to paying for socks.


  • The high-level socks people have grown to love over the years
  • Coming down in price
  • Numerous color/style options


  • Look starting to feel dated for some
  • Not carried in as many stores

3. Nike Performance Cushion Crew

If premium options from Nike are too expensive or even too bulky, there is something very simple and effective about the Nike Performance Cushion crew sold for so many years. With a simple Nike swoosh on the side, the subtle branding is perfect for many. 

Some basketball players feel like they are only going to get use out of them if they wear two pairs of the time. This cuts down on the friction inside the shoe, which will eliminate the opportunity of developing blisters.


  • Very easy to find and pair with all types of shoes
  • Comes in affordable bulk packaging
  • Just enough cushioning for basketball play


  • Wear out faster than elite socks
  • Some people need two pairs for extra padding and reduce friction

4. Adidas Alphaskin Maximum Cushioned Crew Socks

As great as Nike has done with their elite level of socks, Adidas hasn’t been able to match that level of success. They do sell premium options specific for basketball, including the Adidas Alphaskin Maximum Cushioned Crew Socks.

In a lot of ways, they match up very well with what Nike has to offer. The only difference is that the socks seem to be a little more slippery, which is obviously not a good thing if people struggle with grip. It is not too noticeable, and alleviated with some extra socks as a base layer. Not everyone wants to go that route, but it is a solution that will also help with fighting against any blisters.

There are some basic designs for the socks, as well as more intricate looks to stand out in the crowd. Maybe Adidas will eventually build out this line a little more like Nike, but for now, they are only available in some limited colors.


  • Adidas answer to the Elite socks from Nike
  • Stitching location keeps sock intact longer
  • Priced slightly lower than Nike‘s options


  • Limited colorway options
  • Sometimes hard to find in stores and even online

5. Under Armour Adult Phenom Crew Socks

Under Armour shoes have not taken off as many were hoping, but their socks are a little bit better overall. Many people love the affordability of their socks at all levels, including their premium options listed here.

The Under Armour Adult Phenom crew socks are great options for people who want a premium fit without spending a premium price. They are among the cheapest premium socks for basketball out there, which is perfect for people on a budget.

Close your eyes and put the socks on, and they feel almost exactly like any of the Nike Elite options. There is superb cushioning in the right areas, and it seems like a person can get a pretty premium fit around their foot at all times. The more a person wears the socks, the more they contour to the shape of the foot.


  • Durable
  • Modern design for free movement
  • Priced affordably


  • Hard to keep the whites looking great
  • Not everyone likes wearing Under Armour socks with other shoe brands

6. Under Armour Cotton 2.0 Crew Socks

The socks might look and feel basic, but they are a go-to option for a reason. A lot of people like the simplicity of these Under Armour crew socks, and they look good in a variety of settings as well.

Some people do not like to buy socks unless they match up with their shoes, but these are low-key enough that it does not matter all that much. The logo is very subtle, which allows people to pair these with shoes out there that they want to wear.

As far as basic socks are concerned, the cushioning with these are a step up from alternative options. This is great news for people who might pass on thinner socks because they can’t get the right fit overall.


  • Basic staple socks for any occasion
  • Comfortable to wear two pairs at a time
  • Durable enough for the value


  • A little too basic for some players
  • Do not hold up under harsh playing conditions

7. Thorlo Basketball Over Calf

For overall cushioning and performance, there might not be a better sock out there than Thorlo. They make socks specific for a lot of different sports, and the basketball option is definitely worth checking out for people who do not mind bulkier socks overall.

A basketball player needs something a little bit different out of a sock than any other option out there. Thorlo spent the time going into detail to get exactly that.


  • Specifically designed for durability and protection 
  • Sales offered by Thorlos occasionally
  • Available online for easy shipping


  • Some complain that they are a little too thick
  • Expensive

For your convenience, here are all the basketball socks I recommended above:

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