7 Best Jordan Basketball Shoes

When Nike gave Michael Jordan his first signature way back in the 1980s, nobody knew what to expect. He was not the first player to ever receive their own shoe NBA history, but he became the most iconic. Years later, people still go crazy about certain releases, and an entire brand is built around Jordan himself.

Although still technically part of Nike, the Jordan Brand stands alone in many ways because of what it brings to the table. This is a shoe company that has styles for off the court and playing styles as well. These are the 7 best Jordan basketball shoes right now.

1. Air Jordan XXXV

After all these years, they are still putting outnumbered Jordans. This is thought of as the flagship shoe, and one that many Jordan Brand players are wearing on the court this year.

Comparing it to the Jordan 34, people will still get that same type of outstanding grip that they are used to. That was a big selling point when Jordan released those, and it seems to be just the same now.

An additional huge Zoom Air unit in the heel adds extra comfort to the Jordan 35, giving people a little bit more comfort and responsiveness overall.

As is the case with every Jordan, the materials are as premium as ever, but there is that old-school type of look that calls back to previous Jordans. It might look a little bulky to some people, but once it is on foot, it can play at a high-level.

Another great thing is that it is one of the most supportive shoes out there right now. If a person gets the right size, they will have great stability and ankle support. Just make sure that proper sizing is figured out, because otherwise, there could be a little bit of rubbing around the heel and arch area.


  • Outstanding cushioning with an added Zoom Air unit in the heel
  • Very supportive
  • Perfect traction indoors and outdoors


  • Heal area can rub people the wrong way at first
  • Takes a little bit of time to break-in

2. Jordan React Elevation

Having React Foam in a Jordan shoe has been a big hit so far, as many basketball players have given this option to try. While it might not have all the technology that some of the other shoes have, the foam alone definitely makes it one to try now.

This is a great shoe that people notice right away provides some of the best grip somebody can find on the court. Whether a person is playing indoors or outdoors, they will not slip around on any court. That is great news for players who have this problem with other shoes, because there is nothing worse than not feeling 100% confident every time a person tries to cut.

While there is React Foam in the heel, there is Zoom Air in the forefoot. It works very well, and provides outstanding comfort as well as any impact protection that a person might need.

Where the Jordan React Elevation comes a little bit short is the material outside of the midsole. They could be slightly better on the upper, as it is not the most breathable material out there. It is not a terrible issue, but it is something to keep in mind for those who might not do well with non-breathable materials on the upper.


  • Outstanding traction
  • React Foam works as it should
  • Competitive price


  • Upper materials seem a little cheap
  • Heel and ankle area is a little different than most other shoes

3. Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

The next three shoes are all part of the Russell Westbrook signature collection. Many people believe that he is one of the standout athletes with the Jordan Brand right now, and his shoes have been a bit polarizing. While they might look bulky at first, starting with the Why Not Zer0.2, many people have fallen in love with how they perform once they give them a try.

Now that this one has been out for a while, it is one of Jordan’s most affordable performance shoes. The design of the shoes is a bit weird, but people look past it because they perform so well.

Like many other Jordan shoes, there is some excellent traction with the Why Not Zer0.2. People are saving money a bit by going back a few generations, and the biggest sacrifice is that the cushioning is a little bit different. Instead of using full-length Zoom, the shoe has Zoom only in the forefoot. In the back is Phylon Foam, which is pretty comfortable, but not as much as React Foam or other options out there.

One thing a person can always count on with these shoes is that they are very supportive while locking a person’s foot in as much as possible. For people who want to make sure that their foot is not moving around, the Why Not Zer0.2 is something to consider.


  • Very affordable
  • Supportive
  • Outstanding traction indoors and outdoors


  • A bit outdated compared to other releases
  • Hard to find in stock for certain colors

4. Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

The Jordan brand built off of the Why Not Zer0.2 to provide the Why Not Zer0.3, and they received some more positive feedback with the Russell Westbrook signature line. While there were some minor steps back, there were enough progressions that people love the shoe and everything it represents.

First, the only real step back was that the traction is not quite as good as the Why Not Zer0.2. It is hard to figure out what exactly went wrong, since the line was known for having great traction overall, but it is just not going to perform that well on dusty courts. It is not terrible by any means, but it is no longer a stand-out positive for the shoe line.

The shoe makes up for it by being more comfortable with the cushioning, and improving the support and lockdown feel once a foot is inside the shoe. Not only does the shoe come with a traditional type of lacing system, but there is a midfoot strap to keep people locked in as well.

Anyone who has had any irritation around their Achilles will soon figure out that they made some improvements in that area as well. For the first time, people do not have to worry about that type of irritation because of the changes they have made with added protection. It cuts down on injury risks as well.


  • Improved cushioning
  • Better Achilles protection
  • Slightly lighter


  • Traction took a step back
  • Color choices are becoming more and more limited

5. Jordan Why Not Zer0.4

For people who do not mind spending a little bit of extra money, the Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 is the best of the bunch. It is a new release, so it will be very hard to find at any type of discount. However, what people will notice is that they continue to improve the shoe, and is it getting closer and closer to being just about perfect overall.

The traction is getting back to normal, as this shoe only struggles slightly with a few lateral movements on dusty courts. It is better than the Why Not Zer0.3, but the Why Not Zer0.2 might actually still win overall in that department. However, everything else is a step up from both of the options.

In the forefoot, there are double stack Zoom units that will provide the best amount of cushioning. A lot of people love this type of feel as soon as they step on the court, and it lasts a long time, so people do not have to worry about things going south.

There is a mix of materials on the upper, but it does feel a little bit thinner than some of the other iterations. They seem to be trying to get more and more to a more premium type of feel in the upper, but it is still not to the level of the Air Jordan 35 or some of the Nike shoes out there as well.

Support is what the line has always been known for, and they do not disappoint with the fourth version. There is not only outstanding lateral stability, but it can contain a person’s foot very well.

Yes, people will have to spend a little bit more money to get the newest version of the Why Not Zer0.4, but it is worth it for those who want to notice the improvements. It is also very easy to find in stock these days, whereas the older models might be a bit of a challenge.


  • Improved traction from the previous version
  • Lighter and more breathable upper
  • Great lockdown and stability


  • A little expensive
  • Traction still is not the best on dusty courts

6. Jordan Jumpman 2020

The Jordan Jumpman 20 is a budget type of basketball shoe compared to the Air Jordan line. Many people might instantly be turned off by that, but it performs pretty well for something that is much more affordable. In fact, it comes down to being one of the best values out there for a new shoe that carries the Jordan logo.

Traction with this Jordan shoe is very solid, and players feel very comfortable when they are moving around as well. The cushioning in the heel is made of Phylon, which is obviously not as premium as the other shoes, but some Zoom in the forefoot provides a decent amount of bounce.

People notice that this is a budget option by looking at the upper materials. It is not exactly premium, but they are pretty lightweight. People will get the same type of breathability that they would in the official Jordan line, but this is a great basketball shoe for people who might only be a little casual and playing for fun.

With a price point that is just over $100 at retail, and sales hitting all the time, this is definitely a shoe to look out for. It is still a performance model, and one that holds up well when a person gets the right size.


  • Affordable Jordan option
  • Surprisingly great cushioning
  • Traction is above average


  • Other materials are a bit subpar
  • Limited color choices

7. Jordan Max Aura 2

Building off the Jordan Max Aura’s success, the Jordan Max Aura 2 is a bit of a combination between new school performance and old-school looks. Many people like the way these shoes look, and the performance is not too bad either.

First things first, these shoes will not be the lightest or the highest performing shoes out there on the court. They look great, and they have some good technology in them, but there is a reason why they are priced the way they are. This is more for casual play, or those who are just getting into the game.

The technology to make these shoes a hit on the court includes a Max Air unit for cushioning, and that old-school leather and synthetic leather in the upper. Some people like the comfort of some leather, while others will feel like it is a little bit too heavy.


  • Draws design cues from older shoes
  • Solid cushioning
  • Provides good traction


  • A bit heavy
  • Too much leather and synthetic leather for some in a performance shoe

Trusting The Jordan Brand

The Jordan Brand carries a legacy of excellence. It’s been on the market for close to 30 years and has only improved with each passing year. It’s ranked as the number one producer of athletic footwear in the world, second-most valuable brand in sports, and is worn by some of the greatest athletes alive today.

They have birthed classic sneakers that have stood the test of time and are still being worn today.

However, the Jordan Brand is about more than sneakers and apparel. It’s about the core values of the brand and what they stand for. Jordan Brand is all about family, commitment, love, sacrifice and teamwork. Their core values have inspired athletes from around the world to rise above their limitations and reach their full potential.

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