7 Best Wilson Basketballs

Wilson has been a world leader in manufacturing basketballs for quite some time. Not only are they the current official basketball of NCAA play, but they are primed to take over as the official supplier of NBA basketballs.

These are the top Wilson basketballs currently on the market from recreational options to the best of the best. No matter what skill level a player is, there is an option available that makes sense.

1. Wilson Official NCAA Basketball

Wilson is very excited about being able to take over as the official basketball supplier of the NCAA. Fans are also excited that they will get the same type of ball that is used in the most competitive college basketball league in the world.

Wilson has spent a lot of time getting this just right so that it plays much like the version they have been using the league for quite a while, while also adding a bit of a twist for Wilson to call their own.

The NCAA branding comes with a premium price, and people will see some borrowed attributes from other indoor options. It has a very soft feel to the ball overall, with a moisture-wicking surface that allows it to be played with at all times of the year easily.

These balls will sell a lot in the next year or so, with it being relatively new. The overall ability to move this product will mostly come down to the responses from players themselves. Most professional athletes do not like change, but Wilson is going about this the right way to get things as close to perfect as possible.


  • Official NCAA ball
  • Available in WNBA size and style as well
  • Moisture-wicking surface works well


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find in stock at times 

2. Wilson Evo NXT

It is true that Wilson Evo NXT is pretty much the same ball that the NBA and WNBA use. It is priced slightly lower and plays well off of what some of the previous Wilson balls brought to the table.

Wilson quickly became the go-to choice worldwide for indoor basketball, and they kept enough the same with the Evo NXT to make it popular.

One of the most hyped new features includes Range Tech, which redistributes weight a bit to make the ball easier to shoot from a long distance. This is definitely a shooter’s ball without question, going from that technology to the very soft, yet grippy surface that stays consistent even when wet.

People are sometimes hesitant to jump to a new ball that they have never tried, but fans of the Solution or the Evolution will like this ball as well. There is a little bit of a break in period, but nothing that is too crazy.


  • Redistributed weight for a better shooting
  • Virtually the same as the NBA ball, but cheaper
  • Soft touch


  • Some feel it is a little too light
  • Not too much different from cheaper, previously released options

3. Wilson Evolution

Show up to any gym around the United States, and chances are there is at least one Wilson Evolution in there. It is the overwhelming favorite for recreational players for an affordable, dependable indoor basketball.

It has a soft, feathery touch that so many players love. It also is priced a little bit lower than some of the more expensive options out.

The Evolution is the top indoor basketball on the market right now from the company from a recreational standpoint. Many people believe that this is the best because it keeps the price low while still feeling like a truly premium ball.


  • Soft, cushioned feel
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable


  • Gets slippery a little too easily
  • Easy to mix up and get lost with others

4. Wilson Wave Solution

The Wilson Solution might be the most underrated basketball on the market right now. It gets lost in the shuffle a bit, but as the ball of choice for a lot of NCAA teams, it is undoubtedly one to look out for.

The biggest difference between the Wilson Solution and the Evolution comes down to the ability to handle moisture. The Solution does a much better job of wicking away sweat and making it easier to grip on hot days. Players who have problems with this should never underestimate what type of value it brings to the table.

Some have a complaint that the Solution has a little more weight to it, especially after broken in. It is not the end of the world, but people need to keep in mind if they are very particular about how the ball feels in their hands.


  • Excellent at wicking away moisture
  • Extremely durable
  • Same ball used for many NCAA games


  • Gets a little heavy at times
  • More expensive than the Evolution

5. Wilson Wave

The Wilson Wave is one of the most unique basketballs on the market right now. Instead of having the standard amount of channels on the ball, additional channels lead to better grip and, therefore, better control of the ball in general. Some people love playing with the Wilson Wave, while others feel like it is completely unnecessary.

One of the biggest advantages of using a Wilson Wave basketball is that it does not feel the same as official options.

A lot of people only view it as a gimmick these days, but that does not mean that it still is not a good basketball at all. For those hot days where grip is a problem, it comes in handy. Some even view it as a pretty good learning tool.


  • Inexpensive
  • Unique panel design
  • Enhanced grip


  • Panel design not for everyone
  • A bit of a hybrid basketball, not being great at any one thing

6. Wilson NCAA Legend

The Wilson NCAA Legend is a quality option for people who want a good indoor and outdoor basketball. With a performance composite cover, there is durability here for any type of play. That is good news for people who do not want to spend a ton of money on a true indoor basketball without having some flexibility.

Everything about this ball is very close to the look and feel of a true indoor basketball. In fact, if a person does not put it on cement at all, it works well for being a dedicated indoor option.

With the NCAA logo and a pretty standard look, those wanting to save some money without sacrificing performance much will be satisfied.


  • Indoor and outdoor play ready
  • Looks and feels like a more expensive option
  • Durable on any surface


  • Lettering starts to fade on outdoor courts
  • Might not live up to high indoor standards

7. Wilson NCAA MVP

Finally, the very inexpensive option that actually makes sense from Wilson is the NCAA MVP basketball. It is made of optima rubber on the outside, which is meant for outdoor use only. The durability is certainly something that stands out, which is pretty surprising for a basketball so inexpensive.

Right out of the box, the rubber and wide channels allow for a good amount of grip. Athletes looking to either train or play outside will notice that there is definitely feels a lot better than some of the very cheap rubber options out there.

The added durability makes sure that the grip is solid the entire time as well. Although every ball eventually wears out, this one has great life overall.

Available in four different sizes, this is a great ball to have for casual play. Most who take the game seriously will not want to have it around for games, but there is nothing wrong with having one extra ball for those practices outdoors.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Enhanced grip


  • Not designed for indoor use
  • Lettering fades easily

Making The Final Decision

Right now, the best overall value has to be the Wilson EVO NXT basketball. It is meant for the serious player indoors, and it helps control one of the most significant issues a lot of basketball players run into in sweat.

It is not extremely cheap by any means, but people do not have to pay the extra premium for NBA lettering on the ball. As long as it is taken care of, it has a chance to last a very long time.

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