Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

Basketball is a great sport that many people, especially males, play to keep themselves fit.

It is, after all, a sport that entails a lot of movement. Basketball can give any person a good cardio workout while also engaging all the muscles.

There are fitness and gym buffs, though, who would instead engage in a good game of basketball not on the outside courts but rather inside nice basketball courts that topnotch facilities can provide.

One facility that one can look into is your typical exercise gyms like Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness – the Ultimate Workout Place

Many people spend a fair amount on monthly membership in gyms that can provide them with all the equipment they need to keep up with their fitness goals.

This is most probably due to the fact that you can find almost anything that you need in a gym of your choice.

Maintaining fitness levels can be quite difficult if one doesn’t find interest in what he does. That’s why fitness gyms try to do their best to provide their clients with as much equipment in order to keep them motivated so they can maintain their goals.

Among the many gyms that have been sprouting up lately is Planet Fitness.

This gym has been quite popular among many people lately because besides providing the best they can for their customers, they keep their monthly membership within affordable levels.

Planet Fitness often claims to be one of the most well-equipped gyms in the country today. But when they say complete, does that include a basketball court as well?

Do They Have a Basketball Court?

The short of it? No. Planet Fitness, sadly, doesn’t have a basketball court.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

You need to remember that Planet Fitness is a gym, so they are limited to the space they rent. Given all the equipment that they need to put into such a limited area, a basketball court may eat into space that other types of gym equipment may need.

Planet Fitness targets gym goers too, who aren’t necessarily into basketball. These gym buffs often prefer workouts that make use of typical gym equipment like dumbbells and treadmills. Again, this will boil down into a huge consumption of space.

It is also a fact that while there are many basketball enthusiasts in the country, it is not necessarily so that all of them like to play the game. This probably holds true for most gym goers as well.

Where To Play a Good Game of Basketball?

Gyms are gyms, and basketball courts are basketball courts. While gyms are often marketed as one-stop shops for everything that is fitness, it would be good to be reminded that there are probably a million ways for one to actually keep fit.

While you probably won’t find any basketball court in Planet Fitness, you need not be discouraged since there are many other venues for you and your buddies to play a good game of basketball.

Community centers, for one, have pretty good indoor basketball courts where you and your friends can have a good game that can provide you with a good workout. High school gyms are another alternative for basketball courts within a given community.

But if you just want a not-so-serious game that can still make you sweat, putting a hoop on your driveway and playing with your best friend for an hour will be more than enough to give all your muscles that workout they need. Playing basketball with a best friend can definitely give your heart a friendly push too!

So what can Planet Fitness do for my game?

It has always been suggested that a variety of workouts are a good way to improve strength and endurance. Planet Fitness is there to give you exactly the variety you need.

Weights are good for developing strength. Leg workouts are needed to further strengthen and develop leg muscles that you will need for those jump shots.

Working out your upper body is also necessary for you to be able to shoot that ball from that three-point line.

Getting stuck in only one kind of cardio workout, like basketball, makes it easy for your body and heart to get used to a certain physical activity. Having an activity besides basketball is good to keep your body always challenged so that you constantly burn calories to keep that weight down.

In Conclusion…

While gyms, such as Planet Fitness, offer a variety of ways to keep you within your target when it comes to staying fit, a basketball court is one of the amenities it won’t and can’t offer.

Like any other gym, Planet Fitness has a target market to cater to – many of who are really not quite into basketball.

There is also the issue of space which needs to be dedicated to different kinds of gym equipment.

That said, it doesn’t mean that Planet Fitness cannot contribute to what you need to up your basketball game. Planet Fitness still can offer you a good alternative for fitness activities other than basketball.

Additionally, your body needs to be constantly challenged in order for you to maintain your fitness goals. In Planet Fitness, you can find a wide range of equipment that can keep you constantly motivated so you won’t lose track of your objectives.

While basketball can give you a good cardio workout, it won’t do much in terms of muscular strength. This is where Planet Fitness can help you. By attending this gym, you can maintain a routine with a well-balanced set of activities.

After all, combining different kinds of activities, along with having a good diet, are the keys to achieving fitness success. With this in mind, being a member of Planet Fitness can help you greatly with your basketball game because you are using the gym to stay fit. But more than that, this gym can actually help you live a longer and healthier life.

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