3 Hardest Positions in Basketball

Basketball is a sport that requires team effort. It is a sport that requires adequate skill and talent in every player. Like in a play-through, each player will have a particular role.

In a basketball team, each and every player will have a particular function depending on what he is supposed to do for the game and the team.

There are five different positions on a basketball team:

  • The point guard
  • The shooting guard
  • The small forward
  • The power forward
  • The Center

While it is true that every position will demand a degree of difficulty, some positions are harder to play than others.

Among the five positions, which are the top three hardest positions to play in a basketball team?

The Most Difficult Position In a Basketball Team Goes To…

Drum roll, please….THE POINT GUARD!

Although the point guard is considered to be the shortest member of the team, the point guard must also have the leadership skills needed to guide the team to victory. In fact, the point guard is expected to be the most talented player on a basketball team.

The 3 hardest positions in Basketball are the following:

  1. Point Guard
  2. Shooting Guard
  3. Small Forward

1. Point Guard

The point guard is said to be the soul and heart of the basketball team since he is supposed to be the most dedicated member of the team.

Point guards are known for their passion for basketball. Because of their incredible dedication to the sport, the point guard is expected to be the most disciplined among all the team members.

The point guard is probably the most pressured member of a basketball team. Since the point guard is expected to lead the team, the point guard should also work his way into earning the respect of every team member.

The point guard is also the one who does the most dribbling. It is crucial for the point guard to protect the ball at all costs while creating advantages and corridors for his team to go on the offense.

The point guard should be able to immediately note opportunities in the court where his teammates will be able to score. He should know when to actually pass the ball to his teammates without being noticed by their opponents while also being able to pretend to make a pass in order to serve as a distraction to his opponents as well.

In other words, the point guard should be able to act swiftly and make quick calls when it comes to the ball, and guide his teammates to the quickest path leading to their basket. Point Guards are not only regarded as the hardest position to play, but also as the most important position on a Basketball team.

Famous Point Guards

Among the point guards in NBA history, the most famous one is Magic Johnson of the LA Lakers. Johnson has brought the Lakers 5 NBA titles.

Coming a close second is Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. His recent win as an MVP has sealed his place in the history of the NBA, and he isn’t even done yet. He’ll probably take over Magic Johnson’s throne with a few more titles.

2. The Shooting Guard

The runner-up when it comes to the most difficult position to hold in a basketball team is the shooting guard.

The shooting guard is also known (by fans) as the “off guard” or the “wing” and is unsurprisingly one of the tallest players in the group.

The title given to this player says it all. The shooting guard is said to be the best shooter on the team, and pressure is put on him to deliver the shots even from far away.

The shooting guard is meant to deliver those three-pointers, and when points are needed during the last seconds of a game, the team will rely on him to carry them to victory.

Since shooting the ball is usually left in his hands, the shooting guard should be able to go past opponents and look for every space he can use to run towards that hoop.

As much as the shooting guard is part of offensive play, he should also be very good in defense when the need arises. After all, the team would definitely want to put his height to much use.

Famous Shooting Guards

What NBA fan doesn’t know the name Michael Jordan? During his time in the NBA, Michael Jordan made the Chicago Bulls a household name, and he definitely gave all his opponents a run for their money. No one could come close to how he delivered those shots on the court.

The late Kobe Bryant also knew how to deliver the shots on the court, leaving his opponents and his teammates in awe. He will undoubtedly always be remembered for his skill on the court – a bar that he set quite high.

3. The Small Forward

The title given to this team member may actually be a misnomer as there is nothing small about the role of the small forward in the team.The small forward is even the most versatile of all the players on the team.

Small forwards should be able to deliver results, whether near the hoop or far from it. He should have the shooting precision as that of the shooting guard so he can deliver shots from afar.

He should also be able to deliver shots close to the hoop and be quick on the rebound.

The height of small forwards usually is between the height of the shooting guards and the point guard.

What he lacks in height, he has to make up for in terms of strength and agility.

Small forwards are expected to easily adjust to the gameplay since they can easily adapt to wherever they are placed on the court.

Famous Small Forward

Le Bron James was a player who was always in demand because of the game that he delivered on the court. His skill and talent earned him four MVPs and three final MVPs in the NBA.

Next to LBJ is Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics. He was, during his time, one of the most dedicated players in the NBA and the most loved among Boston Celtics fans.

Indeed, some positions in a basketball team demand more in terms of skill and talent. This adds much pressure to the members of the team who are expected to do their best in the positions given them.

That said, basketball is still a team sport. It takes more than just one player to bring a team to victory.

Without much effort from other players or without coordination among all team members, even the best point guard, shooting guard, or short forward won’t be able to lead the team to victory if others in the team aren’t equally skilled.

Winning titles also means that each member of the team has, more or less, the same skill set. They all should be able to take the role of the other when circumstances during the game demand that a team member is forced to step down from his role in the team.

When every member knows how they can actually contribute to the team, can they only then be called champions.

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