Houston Rockets: Player Salaries

The average player salary in Houston Rockets is $6,506,938 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is $123,631,836. Which makes them the 20th highest paying club in the NBA.

Below is a breakdown of each player salaries in Houston Rockets

PlayerYearly Salary (2021/22)
John Wall$44,310,840
Eric Gordon$18,218,818
Christian Wood$13,666,667
Jalen Green$8,992,080
Daniel Theis$8,280,351
DJ Augustin$7,000,000
David Nwaba$4,650,000
Danuel House$3,894,000
Alperen Sengun$3,214,680
Usman Garuba$2,353,320
Josh Christopher$2,259,240
Kevin Porter$1,782,621
Khyri Thomas$1,762,796
KJ Martin$1,517,981
Jae’Sean Tate$1,517,981
Daishen Nix$925,258
Matthew Hurt$462,629
Anthony Lamb$462,629
Troy Williams$122,741

Contract Details – Houston Rockets

John Wall$44,310,840$47,366,760$0$0$0
Eric Gordon$18,218,818$19,568,360$20,917,902$0$0
Christian Wood$13,666,667$14,317,459$0$0$0
Jalen Green$8,992,080$9,441,840$9,891,480$12,483,048$16,290,377
Daniel Theis$8,280,351$8,694,369$9,108,386$9,522,404$0
DJ Augustin$7,000,000$7,333,333$0$0$0
David Nwaba$4,650,000$5,022,000$5,394,000$0$0
Danuel House$3,894,000$0$0$0$0
Alperen Sengun$3,214,680$3,375,360$3,536,280$5,424,654$7,621,638
Usman Garuba$2,353,320$2,471,160$2,588,400$4,392,515$6,391,109
Josh Christopher$2,259,240$2,372,160$2,485,200$4,346,615$6,354,751
Kevin Porter$1,782,621$3,217,631$4,826,446$0$0
Khyri Thomas$1,762,796$1,910,860$2,165,298$0$0
KJ Martin$1,517,981$1,782,621$1,930,681$0$0
Jae’Sean Tate$1,517,981$1,782,621$0$0$0
Daishen Nix$925,258$0$0$0$0
Matthew Hurt$462,629$1,576,305$0$0$0
Anthony Lamb$462,629$1,576,305$0$0$0
Troy Williams$122,741$0$0$0$0

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

Here are theĀ player salaries for all the teams in the NBA.

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