How Long Is a Basketball Game?

Like many sports, basketball has a clock that dictates the time that goes into each game. Casual fans might look at the scoreboard and see the number and think that is how much real time remains, but that is hardly the case. With so many stoppages, there is plenty of time when the clock does not move.

How long is a basketball game? At the highest level, games last either 40 or 48 minutes of ball-in-play action. College basketball and international contests consist of 20-minute halves (college) or 10-minute quarters (international), while the NBA goes with four 12-minute halves to add up to 48. These games usually end up taking between two and 2.5 hours, depending on stoppages, halftime length, and more.

What To Expect At The High Level

High-level basketball game lengths are not all the same. Although they all follow a lot of the same timing rules, there is a bit of a difference that makes each product a bit unique.


  • 12×4 Minutes

Every NBA game consists of four 12 minute quarters, adding up to 48 total minutes of regulation play. There is one extended halftime break, and a shorter break the same length as a timeout in-between the other quarters. Both teams have seven timeouts to use during the game, and it generally adds up to about 2.5 hours to three hours of action.

If the game is tied after regulation, there is a five minute overtime until there is a winner. During overtime, teams get additional timeouts to use, and the games generally slow down a bit if they are close because of all the stoppages.

Another reason why NBA games are a bit longer today is that there are reviewable plays. Teams can either challenge a call they disagree with, or the NBA automatically reviews close plays towards the end of games.

Out of all levels of basketball, NBA games last the longest. If there are few fouls and the game is a blowout, the game can breeze by closer to two hours. Tight contests, especially in the playoffs, are closer to three hours.

International Basketball

  • 4×10 Minutes

Whether it is the Olympics, FIFA World Championships, pro leagues scattered around the globe, or more, a prevalent game length is 40 minutes. Leagues are generally splitting them up into four 10 minute quarters these days, which shortens the game up a bit compared to the NBA.

Most of the rules are very similar, but not too many leagues actually use the review process. This makes for a game that can sometimes be as short as two hours, but still generally goes over that threshold.

Like the NBA, the overtime is five minutes long if the two teams are tied. One other minor detail is that the clock does not stop after made shots in certain scenarios, which shaves a few seconds off the total time.

College Basketball

  • 2×20 Minutes

The college game is the same length as international competition, but the most significant difference is that they use two 20 minute halves instead of the quarter system.

This does not make too much of a difference, as timeouts break up the game quite a bit anyway. It just might seem a little confusing for people who are joining in the middle of the game and not realizing that the second half is the end of the game.

The length of the college game and the international game is pretty much the same, and they both use a five minute overtime if the score is tied.

You can read more about the length of a college basketball game in this post.

What Is The Length Of Basketball Games At Lower Levels?

The length of a basketball game can vary considerably at lower levels, or the youth level. It usually depends on the quality of athlete that takes part in that particular league. For example, adult leagues might still play 40-minute games, but they will make adjustments like having a running clock and other options that keep everything on schedule.

The standard length of a basketball game at the high school level, at least in the United States, is 32 total minutes split up into four, eight-minute quarters. They are not conditioned to play for as long, and there are some time constraints during the week as well.

Finally, pick up basketball is generally played to a certain score, instead of time. That means a team might be able to reach the goal score in a couple of minutes if they are significantly better than their opponents. If the two teams are close, it could be a grind of 30 minutes or more.

Elam Ending

A very new and unique ending to a basketball game that has been experimented with a few times in the last few years is the Elam Ending. In this scenario, the game has a typical clock and flows the same way as every other game.

What changes is when there are four minutes left in the game, as a target score is based on adding eight points to the leading team’s score. For example, if the score is 90-80, the target score becomes 98 points. There is no clock in use, and that means to win, the team needs to hit that final shot instead of stalling.

It is slowly starting to gain traction, but it is unclear if this will make it into anything too the mainstream. The Basketball Tournament uses this ending, and it was used in the 2020 NBA All-Star game as well.

There seems to be some solid support for the ending, and it could end up changing the length of basketball games in general. Most notably, there will be more variance since it takes time to grind out eight points in some scenarios.

What Is The Longest Basketball Game Ever Played?

Every once in a while, there are basketball games that will extend well beyond regulation. At the college level, there are four times in history where a basketball game reached a total of six overtimes before a winner was determined. This means 30 extra minutes of playing time, almost equaling an extra full contest.

The record is also six overtimes at the NBA level, as the Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals battled out a 78-minute contest in 1951. In these longer games, it is exciting for the fans to watch, but the players are usually gassed by the end.

It can be tough for players to play at a high-level for that long, even if they are in fantastic condition. Their bodies just not used to playing an extra 20 or 30 minutes of action during a normal game.

Stoppage Time Makes Basketball Games Much Longer

Not everyone enjoys participating in or watching a basketball game that could last 2.5 or even three hours, so why exactly does the game last so long?

Most of the longer games involve a lot of fouls that slow the clock down considerably. Not only does the clock stop when the fouls committed, but in some scenarios, free throws follow. It takes a minute or two of real time to shoot two free throws and eventually start the clock back up.

Substitutions can also take time, as most leagues allow for at least four or more timeouts during the game. These can be used to either provide players with a strategic break, or to talk about game plans. Here’s why there are so many timeouts in basketball.

Future Of Basketball Game Length

Very rarely do basketball games go over three hours, which means that TV channels can plan out contest pretty well. Unless the game ends up going into multiple overtimes, it will not take that long to get back and go about the rest of the day.

As intriguing as the Elam Ending is, it does not seem like any major leagues are ready to make the change just yet. For now, expect 40 and 48-minute games to remain the norm.

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