How to Select Basketball Shoe Size

Basketball is an all-American sport played by many countries across the globe.

It is a sport that goes beyond just hoops and balls. It requires agility, speed, and endurance to achieve your goal.

It also involves a lot of fancy footwork to be able to go past opponents eager to make a steal. To do all of those, you simply cannot overlook the importance of one important thing: your shoes.

Along with the shoes, though, you should also be concerned with the fit. So how exactly do you select the correct basketball shoe size for you? We’re going to discuss what you need to know.

Why Choosing the Right Basketball Shoe Size Is Important

Ease of movement is needed when running up and down the basketball court. Do remember that all movements in basketball involve a lot of footwork.

Good fitting shoes make it comfortable for the player to do all these movements and protect the player from injury.

Wearing too-small shoes can actually limit blood circulation in the area, which is highly important during the game. The shoes can also rub against the skin, and combined with limited blood circulation; this condition may result in many blisters, which is the last thing you need in the middle of a game.

Wearing shoes that are too loose, on the other hand, will make you feel awkward with every step. Either condition can also lead to injuries such as sprains.

This is why you will need to ensure that you have shoes that fit properly.

Things to Remember When Choosing Basketball Shoes

Wear Socks

When trying to fit on a pair of basketball shoes, always make sure that you wear the socks you often use when playing. Socks, especially when thick, may add to the dimensions of your feet and affect the fit of your shoes.

Not wearing socks while trying to fit on basketball shoes will result in you buying tight-fitting shoes once you start wearing socks. The same goes for trying on shoes with thinner socks than the ones you normally use.

Stand Up

Always take your shoe size standing up and never while seated.

Due to the pressure placed on your feet when you stand up, your feet tend to elongate and widen compared to when you are seated.

Consider too this position is what is used when playing ball, so it is practical for you to stand when trying on basketball shoes.

Determining Clearance

While standing, check out the toe that stands out the most among all your toes and ensure that there is at least a singular thumb’s width space between the tip of that toe and the inside of the shoe.

If the fit around that area is too tight, it may cause problems on the nail of that particular toe, and it may lead to a lot of pain as well on that particular toe.

Make Sure the Area Around a Foot’s Heel is Snug

The part around the heel, known as the heel counter, helps in providing balance and stability during movement. Make sure that this part is snugly fit with a bit of tightness and firmness.

Toe Box

The width of the areas around the toes, known as the toe box, should be wide enough to give your toes breathing space. They should not feel too cramped. If not enough space is given in this area, it may lead to cramps in that area in the middle of the game.

If the toe box area is too narrow, it may lead to other problems, too, like ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, and blisters.


Unlike other shoes like sneakers and running shoes, basketball shoes should flex and bend only at the toe area. When fitting running shoes, make sure that they do not bend around the area of the arch.

Checking the Ankle Height

Part of your basketball shoe size and fit involves the height of the ankle as well. Be sure to measure the area from the bottom of the heel to the height of the ankle.

Use this as a basis to know what kind of cut you should choose – a mid-top or high cut.

The Height of the Heel and the Base

When fitting basketball shoes, consider the height of the heel and the base since these too will affect the fit and, ultimately, the size you choose.

The base of the basketball shoes should be wide for an added feeling of stability.

Make sure that your heel stays steady in one position as you run, jump, or walk. It shouldn’t be slipping backward or forward at every movement if your shoe does indeed fit.

Are Basketball Shoes True to Size?

Like clothes, shoes have to be fit because feet come in different sizes and shapes.

Some feet may be narrow in shape, and some may be wide.

Especially when buying online, this may pose a problem if you are looking for shoes since some brands may be true to size, and some may actually not be so.

Some may be labeled as big or small, which may be even more difficult to decide on. Some brands fit smaller than the size that is written on them. Some seem to be larger. Rarely are these true to size since many factors really affect fit.

This is important to remember when buying online since the shoes may not exactly be as what is written in the description.


Basketball shoe size is important when buying basketball shoes since how the shoe fits will affect how you move around the corner.

Ill-fitting shoes make it very uncomfortable for a player to run and even jump around the court, which may eventually affect the way a person plays. Good-fitting shoes give a feeling of stability to the player, and it helps provide balance to the player.

Most importantly, good-fitting shoes prevent a player from developing an injury.

Unlike ordinary sneakers and rubber shoes, basketball shoes need to protect the player from developing injuries like blisters and, even worse, sprains.

These situations are often ignored and taken for granted. It must be remembered, though, that everybody’s part is important in any sport, but most especially in basketball which demands much physically from every player.

Make sure to consider every detail when selecting basketball shoes, especially the size.

Having perfectly fitted basketball shoes can spell the difference between a loser and a winner, and we all know what we always prefer.

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