NBA: Player Salaries

The NBA is not only the highest paying Basketball league, but also one of the best paying sports leagues in the world Basketball league.

Below is a breakdown of the average player salary for all the teams in the NBA. As you can see, LA Clippers is currently the highest paying club, while the Oklahoma City Thunder’s are the lowest paying one.

The average player salary in the NBA is $7,222,033 and the average yearly wage bill for all the players in a team is $136,556,667.

TeamAverage Annual SalaryYearly Wage Bill
1. LA Clippers$9,854,373$167,524,341
2. Golden State Warriors$9,823,399$176,831,839
3. Brooklyn Nets$9,260,853$175,956,209
4. LA Lakers$8,631,316$163,995,021
5. Utah Jazz$8,957,940$152,285,028
6. Portland Trail Blazers$8,950,543$143,208,689
7. Phoenix Suns$8,655,142$129,827,138
8. Philadelphia 76ers$8,451,068$143,668,170
9. Denver Nuggets$7,915,017$134,555,298
10. Milwaukee Bucks$7,635,170$160,338,584
11. Boston Celtics$7,560,239$143,644,544
12. Sacramento Kings$7,377,086$132,787,557
13. Washington Wizards$7,324,897$139,173,059
14. Atlanta Hawks$7,315,730$138,998,877
15. Chicago Bulls$7,300,512$138,709,733
16. Toronto Raptors$7,243,393$137,624,475
17. Minnesota Timberwolves$7,094,829$141,896,591
18. Cleveland Cavaliers$6,678,398$133,567,977
19. Indiana Pacers$6,621,758$139,056,934
20. Houston Rockets$6,506,938$123,631,836
21. New Orleans Pelicans$6,436,349$115,854,297
22. Miami Heat$6,826,020$143,346,429
23. Orlando Magic$6,196,691$123,933,837
24. Dallas Mavericks$6,143,355$122,867,113
25. San Antonio Spurs$5,944,065$118,881,308
26. New York Knicks$5,895,947$117,918,945
27. Detroit Pistons$5,744,178$126,371,935
28. Charlotte Hornets$5,699,041$119,679,879
29. Memphis Grizzlies$4,830,824$115,939,778
30. Oklahoma City Thunder$3,799,445$79,788,346

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