Oklahoma City Thunder: Player Salaries

The average player salary in Oklahoma City Thunder is $3,799,445 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is $79,788,346. Which makes them the lowest paying club in the NBA.

Below is a breakdown of each player salaries in Oklahoma City Thunder

PlayerYearly Salary (2021/22)
Kemba Walker$26,238,422
Derrick Favors$9,720,900
Josh Giddey$5,988,000
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander$5,495,532
Gabriel Deck$3,676,852
Mike Muscala$3,500,000
Aleksej Pokusevski$3,113,160
Tre Mann$2,901,240
Darius Bazley$2,513,040
Ty Jerome$2,412,840
Theo Maledon$2,000,000
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl$2,000,000
Kenrich Williams$2,000,000
Luguentz Dort$1,782,621
Isaiah Roby$1,782,621
Charlie Brown$1,701,593
Kyle Singler$999,200
Patrick Patterson$737,067
Paul Watson$462,629
Aaron Wiggins$462,629
Admiral Schofield$300,000

Contract Details – Oklahoma City Thunder

Kemba Walker$26,238,422$27,431,078$0$0$0
Derrick Favors$9,720,900$10,183,800$0$0$0
Josh Giddey$5,988,000$6,287,400$6,587,040$8,352,367$11,142,057
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander$5,495,532$29,750,000$32,130,000$34,510,000$36,890,000
Gabriel Deck$3,676,852$3,483,334$3,483,334$0$0
Mike Muscala$3,500,000$3,500,000$0$0$0
Aleksej Pokusevski$3,113,160$3,261,480$5,009,633$7,073,602$0
Tre Mann$2,901,240$3,046,200$3,191,400$4,908,373$6,964,982
Darius Bazley$2,513,040$4,264,628$6,205,035$0$0
Ty Jerome$2,412,840$4,220,057$6,169,723$0$0
Theo Maledon$2,000,000$1,900,000$1,930,681$0$0
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl$2,000,000$2,000,000$1,900,000$1,988,598$0
Kenrich Williams$2,000,000$2,000,000$0$0$0
Luguentz Dort$1,782,621$1,930,681$0$0$0
Isaiah Roby$1,782,621$1,930,681$0$0$0
Charlie Brown$1,701,593$0$0$0$0
Kyle Singler$999,200$999,200$0$0$0
Patrick Patterson$737,067$0$0$0$0
Paul Watson$462,629$1,576,305$0$0$0
Aaron Wiggins$462,629$1,576,305$0$0$0
Admiral Schofield$300,000$0$0$0$0

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

Here are theĀ player salaries for all the teams in the NBA.

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